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"While the rest of the world is busy developing Artificial Intelligence,

we're using AI to develop the future of HI, Human Intelligence."

A tad about us

I'm Yohan. The founder of EVA Rising.


I wasn’t always in the tech industry. I used to be a filmmaker for over 11 years. I was shooting a movie in France when my girlfriend Dasha suddenly passed away in my arms.

My entire world shifted upside down. - Had I been more aligned with my most authentic self, I firmly believe I could have saved her. So I decided to quit the glam of the film industry, which profoundly kept me away from my highest self. And decided to dedicate my life to the expansion and research of consciousness.


Dasha and I would always talk about The Other Side. That place we all go to when we close our eyes. Where like Gods, we’re suddenly capable of flying, teleporting, moving things with our minds, where everything feels just as real and all our senses and capabilities get 100% activated.

I know that’s where she awaits me.

Alongside the answers to some of life’s biggest questions, and the access to our highest potential.


Lucidity is the Key that opens the Gate.

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Crossing to THE OTHER SIDE

Our number one mission is to design a bridge between both worlds. The Waking world and the Lucid world. Unlocking our highest potential as a species by developing Lucid Induction Technology [LIT). Enabling our natural cognitive capacity to expand from 10% to nearly 99.8%.

Lucid Induction. Using only safe non-invase inducers, such as thermal and ultrasonic triggers, in combination with adaptive AI trained models to stabilize the experience we're designing the key that opens the gate. Find out more here.

Live Lucid Monitoring. By using a dedicated Large Language Model [LLM] to translate neural activity collected from live Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging [FMRI] into a functional live audio visual communication interface, we're designing a way of exploring Lucidity in a fully controlled environment.

  • PHASE 03 

Lucid Applications. By giving humanity the tools to test, research, collect and extract unprecedented neural data from Lucid Exploration, we're opening the gate to a near infinite range of applications:

  • neural enhancements

  • regenerative medicine

  • trauma integration

  • skill learning

  • quantum solving

  • altered states of consciousness

  • and anything else you can think of. Once we offer this to the world, only you know the greatness you will uncover.



We firmly believe in how valuable and unprecedented unlocking the gates of Lucidity is for humanity.

This is not about who gets there first. This is about how can we all unite our efforts to get there faster together.

There are several entities around the world working on developing compatible technology and pursuing pertinent efforts that could synergize with ours. It is one of our biggest core principles to work hand in hand with all of those who are striving in the same direction.

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Unlocking our Highest Potential

What sets us apart as a species?


It's not just our thumbs. As human beings we possess the remarkable ability to envision possibilities. We can conjure within our minds a kaleidoscope of pathways, a seemingly endless array of routes to achieve any desirable outcome. It's the spark of imagination and creativity that leads the way. We are the architects of our own existence, with the unique power to manifest fantasy into reality


Lucidity is our natural course of evolution. It’s the true nature of our souls. Our consciousness in its most pure state of freedom. This is the state where driven by our will, our fantasies literally turn into reality before our eyes.

By unlocking the doors of Lucidity and bridging its essence with our current waking reality, we aim to offer Humanity its most precious gift. The gift of tapping into our highest potential. The gift of instant manifestation.

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